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Located on a property that has been family owned for three generations, our winery is nestled on a Lyle hillside overlooking the Columbia and Klickitat rivers.

Memaloose Island can be spotted in the distance.

Memaloose Island can be spotted in the distance.

origins of a name

What’s in a name?  

"Tetrahedron is a shape. The shape of a water molecule. Since my background is in the sciences and wine is mostly water, Tetrahedron just seemed to make sense.

Kelly Johnson, Owner/Winemaker


Our Team

Kelly Johnson, Owner/winemaker  

Kelly grew up in Lyle Washington and attended Washington State University - Go Cougs! Earning a BS in Biology, she moved to California and embarked upon her career in the wine industry. Working in the Napa Valley for 13 years, she developed skillsets in both winemaking and Enology. These skillsets eventually allowed her to return to the Columbia Gorge. “I wanted to move back home.  Wine has allowed me to do that.”  

Stemming from local roots reaching back to the 1800’s, Kelly chose Lyle Washington as the location to open Tetrahedron Wines and Big River Laboratories. As a Lyle resident, Kelly is an enthusiastic member of the community and enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, and generally enjoying the beauty and benefits the Columbia Gorge has to offer. 



Darren MICHAELS, enologist


Growing up in Santa Barbara wine country gave Darren an early appreciation of artisan wines made in classic styles. After graduating with a degree in biochemistry and working in HIV research, he decided to return to his first love and moved to the Napa Valley where he immersed himself in the American Bordeaux varietals and large scale consumer-friendly production. A return to Santa Barbara county moved his interests to Rhone styles and back to smaller production, eventually finding himself leader of a winemaking team and consulting with both large and artisanal wineries. He now enjoys himself in the beautiful Columbia Gorge and is excited to continue his focus on artisanal and low intervention techniques while exploring the terroirs of both the Oregon and Washington sides of the gorge.



Demetrius Murray, brand ambassador

Born and raised in Tacoma Washington and at the age of 18, Demetrius Murray was offered a track scholarship to attend Washington State University. He accepted the scholarship, earned a BS in Communications and became the 2000 Pac-10 Champion in triple jump and attended the Olympic Trials in Sacramento, CA that same year. It was this achievement that launched his coaching career where he led several high school students to state champions and many to college scholarships. 

While coaching these champions, Demetrius cultivated a modeling career.  He has modeled at high fashion events such as Seattle Fashion Week and is currently working in New York City. It is in this element that he was first introduced to wine. His palate matured quickly and his desire for fine wines had begun. This desire has lead him to pair with Tetrahedron Wines and become a New York based Brand Ambassador. “It is Tetrahedron’s desire for minimal processing that I believe sets it apart from other producers.”  



Jose Rodriguez, brand ambassador


Jose Rodriguez is a West Coaster. He grew up in the California Bay Area. Which is the default statement when you don’t really want to say that you were not really all that close to SF.  However, he grew up in Fairfield, just over the hills from Napa. With the help of his mom and her Gallo drinking ways, he became familiar with the importance of the Napa Valley.  Along the way, others showed him Sonoma and the love affair with wine was cemented. Jose is a Business Analyst in Portland, OR. He loves visiting wine countries in CA, WA and OR.  

Jose met Kelly when he worked for Trinchero Family Estates in the Napa Valley. When she said she was re-establishing her roots in the Columbia River Gorge, and launching her own label, he said, “How can I help?!”  Today he is a Brand Ambassador for Tetrahedron wines, covering the Portland Metro area, and his old stomping grounds in Seattle, WA.  It is an honor and a privilege to help someone as talented as Kelly to push off on this voyage.  Kelly and Darren have incredible heads for wine, and the skills to make it amazing.  Good people with a great product to share with the fine people in the Pacific Northwest, and beyond!     



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421 State Street (Hwy 14) Lyle, WA 98635

Hours:  11:00am-6:00pm Friday - Sunday

Phone: (509) 774-8323


For information: kelly@tetrahedronwines.com

The Columbia and Klickitat Rivers can be seen in the background.

The Columbia and Klickitat Rivers can be seen in the background.