The most common arrangement of liquid water (H2O) molecules is tetrahedral with two hydrogen atoms covalently attached to oxygen and two hydrogen bonds. Knowing how the simplest of molecular elements works to create a complexity of flavor when combined with the perfect grapes is how the name Tetrahedron was born.


Our Wines


2016 Grenache Achromatic

Sourced from vines planted during the 1960’s in Dallesport, WA this wine offers a smooth palate with tropical fruit and pear aromas followed by a citrusy-crispy finish.  Enjoy chilled.

Tetrahedron Golden Ratio

The golden ratio is a mathematical pattern that has been shown to be present in nature, from grape root systems to galaxies. This dry white wine is an optimal ratio of Gewurztraminer and Riesling to Muscat, with a balanced mid-palate and structured finish. Enjoy chilled.

2016 Charbeau nouveau

Hand-crafted in the spirit of Beaujolais nouveau and made from 2016 Charbono, this wine pairs notes of cranberry with a nice heavy palate and is packaged in bottles that are hand painted by the winemaker. 

2015 Charbono

Crafted from a native Italian varietal, this wine comes together as medium to full-bodied followed by aromas of dark fruit with cherry and plum notes.  Less than 100 acres planted in the US

Red Dessert Wine

Notes of black pepper dominate a deep mid-palate of spice, fruit juice, and a long finish that speaks of age. This wine is complex and will improve with proper storage.